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About Me

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Hi! I am Alex, nice to meet you! I'm stoked that you made it here. So let's get started, shall we?

My full name is Alexander Schmidt and I am from the beautiful city of Sonneberg in Germany.
Currently I am studying Media Sciene B.A. in major and Computer Science B.S. in minor at the University of Bayreuth. There I specify on game development and am mostly the programmer-guy in my semester. I love Unity. Actually I think of myself more as a game designer, because I want to have a finger in every pie. But in small teams, the role of the programmer and the role of the game designer often coincide. (And I actually like the combination.)

But I am interested in almost anything that has got something to do with media, so if you want to start a conversation with me about coding, 3D and 2D art, music, playing guitar, watching movies, ... there is a good chance of it going to happen!

I love game development because it is the opportunity for me to combine all of my interests into a single field. Currently I am focusing on programming games with Unity. It gives me the possibilities, but also the freedom to realise my ideas.

My Projects

But we could be sitting here rambling all day long! While you're here - why aren't you taking a look at my projects? As they say, a project tells you more about a person than a thousand words. (Except for when the project is a 1000+ words autobiography)

My Skills

If you are more interested in the hard facts go take a look at my skills.

My Contact Information

You are still not tired of me? Well, I would love to get personal via the different means of communication on my contact page!

Thanks for stopping by! I would love to see you again! So long and thanks for the fish!

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