Lazerboi is a game made in 72 hours as part of the Ludum Dare game jam. It is a top-down cyberpunky twin stick shooter with an overdose of polish.

I attended as a intern for the game studio "Pixel Maniacs" from Nuremberg, Germany. My role in this project was a bit of everything, honestly.
I did much of the programming, some animations (the big spiders), some visual effects, made the first draft of the Lazerboi logo and I drank lots of Fritz-Kola!
It was my first game jam with the Pixel Maniacs but it will certainly not be my last, because it was one of the most productive game jams I ever attended. And I just love this team to the ground.

(We also live-streamed that whole endeavour.)

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To be fair, screenshots just won't do that game justice, so check out some of our tweets!

Day one of #LudumDare44 is a wrap for us – not unhappy with our progress after a few hours. How are the rest of you pretty devs doing? SHOW US YOUR GIFS #gamedev

— Pixel Maniacs 🔜 devcom/gamescom (@pixel_maniacs) April 27, 2019

That's it – #LudumDare44 day two is over, and we have more booms and bangs, enemy models, and respawn logic. Next up: All the rest 💦 – See you all tomorrow! #gamedev

— Pixel Maniacs 🔜 devcom/gamescom (@pixel_maniacs) April 28, 2019

Lazerboi is coming!
Join the last hours of our live stream! #LDJAM44 #LudumDare44 #gamedev

— Pixel Maniacs 🔜 devcom/gamescom (@pixel_maniacs) April 29, 2019

We've been jamming for what feels like 10.000 hours during the past 72 hours – and we're done. Play our entry LAZERBOI now right here:

Thanks to everyone who watched and supported the development!
We're going to bed now.

Stay lazer. #gamedev #LudumDare44

— Pixel Maniacs 🔜 devcom/gamescom (@pixel_maniacs) April 30, 2019


Find out everthing about Lazerboi on our Ludum Dare page!

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