Nartok is a third person hack 'n' slay action adventure game. The project, in it's current state, was developed within 4 months as part of a project-management-course at our university. The goal was to learn the process of Scrum while making a game. Our focus lied heavly on making the game look as good as we could, to show that even with Unity you can produce AA(A) graphic fidelity, if you knew what you are doing. (Which we didn't.) It was me and my 4 other teammembers biggest project by that time. So we were really overambitious and naive, but we did learn much.

Done University Project Unity 3D Programming Game Design Technical Art Winter 2017 - Spring 2018

My Role

Taken from our credits:
Game Designer, Programmer, Scrum Master, Technical Artist, Git Dude, Basic Level Designer, Admin

I was responsible for:

Skills Used

Extensive knowledge of the Unity Engine, C#, Git, Game Programming, Game Design, Shaders and general 3D Art knowledge to handle our assets.

Personal Thoughts

We certainly did not reach the goal we set for ourselves. Maybe even calling it our minimum viable product would be to much.
It's a techdemo at most. But I am very glad that we bit of more than we could chew. I learned so much in so little time it's incredible. For example I learned much about the inner workings of Unity, about code structure and about Unity's functionalities. Adding to that I learned much about project management with Scrum and about Git.
I definitly wouldn't have learned that much if we decided to make a game that is more reasonable to do in 4 months, like a simple 2D platformer.
And now I am eager to apply all these new things I learned while working on my next projects! (e.g. my final project).

If you have any questions about the project, please hit me up! I would love to talk about what I have learned and give you my personal post-mortem.


Download for Windows

Installing Instructions

  1. Unzip the folder called ""
  2. Execute "project-nartok.exe"
  3. Choose a resolution an press play!


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